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Last Summer in the Hamptons

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Last Summer in the Hamptons is a 1995 ensemble comedy-drama film directed by Henry Jaglom and released by Rainbow Releasing and Live Entertainment. The plot revolves around a family of theatre actors, directors, and playwrights spending their last summer together at their matriarch's (Viveca Lindfors as Helena Mora) home in the Hamptons. The summer house, named Proskurov (after Jaglom's father), is being sold as the family can no longer afford to keep it. Proskurov has been the site of an intimate outdoor theatrical performance for many summers, and the family (and Helena's interns) are preparing the final details of the show when successful Hollywood actress Oona Hart (Victoria Foyt) arrives. The film explores the dark underbelly of the family (with metaphorical help from Anton Chekhov, Aeschylus, and Tennessee Williams) as Oona attempts to attach herself to them and their theatrical endeavors as she seeks to leave Hollywood and embark on a stage career.
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Last Summer In The Hamptons is a highly popular Movie. This was Judith Wolinsky’s 5th Movie. Last Summer In The Hamptons was one of this most popular pieces. This was Henry Jaglom’s 34th Movies in this genre. His most popular Movie was Tracks. If you liked that Movie, you should also try Vanya on 42nd Street, Margot at the Wedding, and Hollywood Ending.